Friday, December 09, 2005

Off to bury myself in an avalanche

Again, my apologies; I'm sure all of you will JUST PERISH if I am not here to post my insipid musings. I am going to go radio silent for a few days as I go plunge myself into a snowbank in Vermont. Hopefully five days of adrenaline on my (brand new Burton!) snowboard at Killington will push my serotonin levels up to more reasonable levels and take my mind off recent frustrating events (or lack thereof) that have left me alternately buzzing and euphoric/feeling frustrated, confused and cheated. Intense infatuation, she be a bitchy mistress. Then again, it's good to know at least that my heart didn't roll over and stop beating a long time ago. Too feel intensely (even about something that won't ever be) at least confirms my existence as a human capable of feeling this way again. And that maybe it's not too much to hope that someday (if not now) someone enthralling and enchanting will stumble into my life -- and want to share it with me. Who knows, it happened to Heather B.

I hope the new snowboard and I get along well, otherwise, I may just end up bumping down a mountain on my ass and come home with very sore wrists and pecs from doing all those pushups, and my serotonin levels may threaten to wane even further. So for my personal sanity, let's pray the gods of the mountain are kind, because I need a little pick me up right now.

I'm off to buy some pants for a homeless chap and then tonight it's keg/karaoke/kristmas party in Chinatown. What should I sing?


Blogger Holly said...

nicely written.

I threw a prayer to the snow Gods.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Had To Move said...

Aw, thanks, Holly. I'll let you know how the shreddin' goes. - erin

6:52 PM  

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