Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'll take one pint of crack, please

So I made a big Thanksgiving dinner for a small party this year and I always like to have some nice starters out early on so the champagne doesn't knock everyone out in the first round (though it kind of did, anyway -- but that's another story).

If you're planning a dinner party, make sure you head to Sahadi's on Atlantic
for some treats to start dinner. Sahadi's is no secret but it can be intimidating -- unlike some bland suburban behemoth, it can be a little confusing figuring out which of the huge snaking lines you have to get in for which product and stuff like that. But go, dive in, and just ask if you need help. They're very friendly.

While you're there, make sure you get some of their fresh hummus. It's one of the smoothest, delicious treats I've ever had. A friend took me out for dinner a few weeks ago (to BLT Fish, which was an experience, although I found most things a tad salty, and I love me some sodium). Before we left, we had a scotch and some of Sahadi's hummus at his house. Afterward, like some crack fiend itching for a hit, the thought of this hummus kept me up at night, to the point where I undertook the madness of the always-crowded Sahadi's on the insanely busy day before Thanksgiving.

Sahadi's also has an excellent selection of olives (of which I got two pints, the black cured ones are great) and cheeses. I got a very nice, pink-veined port-wine cheddar, an aged Swiss, a gruyere with blueberries and something else that I now can't remember exactly what it was, but it was a hard cheese, kind of like parm (which is too bad, because this was my favorite).

They also have a lot of interesting fresh candies and chocolates in big, happy, clear jars. Some lady ordered something called "pretzel balls," which looked like malted milk balls, but with pretzels in them instead. I am going to have to try those next time.

I guess Brooklyn folk are just good at taking delicious food and mashing it into a ball for our gustatory pleasure (see: prosciutto balls, below).


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