Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why intelligent design is not very intelligent; in fact, it's downright dumb

Here's a great article by J.M. Tyree on why intelligent design is not just unscientific, it's anti-Christian.

An excerpt:

"The proponents of ID do not appear to realize how big this problem is to the very type of religion they seek to promote. First of all, ID posits the notion of "The God of the Gaps" who steps in to meddle with the process of evolution in order to make life so wonderfully complex. But if God is willing to meddle with the inner workings of the bombadier beetle, why won't he put a little extra spin on a hurricane to make sure it doesn't hit any major cities? Speaking in religion's own terms, ID is not only an argument from design, it's also an argument for providence, God's good guidance of the universe, human history, and individual moral choice. Once God starts meddling, why does he limit himself to biology? If history, too, can be used as part of God's design, then the raw materials from which we try to deduce God's nature must include genocide, war, and famine. As Robert Frost wrote of some smaller "assorted characters of death and blight" in his poem "Design," "what but design of darkness to appall."

Don't be snowed by the wacko religious right who are giving the rest of us a bad, brainwashed name. Think for yourself.


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