Friday, November 18, 2005

2 Legit

2 Legit 2...

Ugh, OK, I'll stop.

Back when I started writing for The Black Tablefor "free," there were those who sniffed. What would I get from it (besides love from the Interweb and a few offers for drinks from starry-eyed fans)? Writing for free can set a bad precedent -- if we give away all those little ideas floating around in our heads, eventually, editors will just expect us to keep pumping out this stuff for no pesos, colones, or even better, dollars. But the BT has brought in a lot of assignments, and gave me a venue in which to publish all the stuff that mainstream magazines might not be interested in and still reach my "adoring public." Writing for the Black Table has also meant that the first thing potential mates first learn when they inevitably Google me is that I have a gay ex-boyfriend, and it still stings. Ahem.

Anyway, I'd like everyone to know that the UK's Observer thinks the Black Table is awesome, and so does the New Yorker.

We're legit! (Even if we're not technically "a blog.")


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