Friday, November 11, 2005

This is why my friends are my friends

Two funny conversations I had (electronically) today:

Friend who has a cold: "I'll have to remember to stop going to the
live poultry butcher shops and rubbing my face in the chicken feathers
there. This Avian Flu thing sure does........That was me dying at my computer. That was me trying to be funny.
Very, very sad. But I'm sick so I get a pass."


Friend #2 needs someone to housesit and look after his mean cat next week.

Friend 2: Can you housesit next weekend?
Erin: Sure, I can house sit. Do you have a gym in your building? But, I'll stay only if you let me smoke in your bed. JUST KIDDING!
Friend 2: No on the gym -- unfortunately. But we do have a nice roof deck, if you're interested in some freezing reading. And if you smoke in my bed, just make sure to smash out the cigarette into the mattress before you go to sleep."


Maybe you just had to be there, but the thought of Friend #1 with a mouthful of bloody chicken feathers and the mental image of me lighting a mattress on fire in an apartment near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel definitely left me chuckle-y.


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