Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For those seeking more Krasinski

If people are coming to my humble little blog ISO John Krasinski, there must be a real dearth of information available on him. To that end, I feel responsible to give you any dish of which I am aware.

I saw Ebert & Roper review a new movie this weekend called "Duane Hopwood," which sounds great in and of itself, if you can get past the fact that Ross (David Schwimmer) is in it. It's about a boozed up divorcee who needs to get his sh*t together and give his liver a good line-drying in order to make right with his family. You can read a review here in the Sum Times. I'm sure all of us have seen a tanked-up relative or two face-plant into a bowl of spagetti at one time or another and just wished they could lay off the sauce (and by that, I don't mean the marinara) a wee bit, so I thought it looked interesting.

Anyway, I want to see this movie so I went to IMDB to check it out, as it is currently only in limited release. Apparently, our man Krasinski plays someone called "Bob Flynn" in this movie, so if you're jonesing for John on the big screen, here's your chance. He's also currently in "Jarhead," in which you get a double dose of hotness with Jake Gyllenhal. I have no idea how long he's onscreen in Duane Hopwood, as I don't believe it's showing yet in New York.

Now, here's a question. Why does John Krasinski always get cast as characters that have one-syllable, three-letter names? He was "Ben" in "Kinsey," "Jim" in "The Office" and now "Bob" in "Duane Hopwood." How come no one in the movies is never named "Norbert"?


Blogger Guy said...

I hate Jake Gyllenhaal. HATE HIM!! Words cannot describe how angry that little bugger makes me. We all know what you're trying to do Jake, we're on to your game, and you know what? We don't like it. Not one bit. Go home!

12:30 PM  
Anonymous KateGrand said...

There is a serious dearth. What to do? The interweeb needs more Krasinski. The world needs more Krasinski. His appearance in Jarhead was a blip. He shaved his head for that. Okay you get Jake and the Santa hat but still. (what's with Guy anyhow-geez-I'd like to buy Guy a coke and have a talk with him about his hatitude.) There are about four pictures of Krasinski online. I can get more info on Salinger. He needs to get plugged in. Just a little tiny bit. A mini-plug. One wire. Thanks.

10:50 PM  

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