Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Strange Searches

If you use Statcounter, you are able to see what search terms lead people to your web site.

Most people come to my web site because they are thirsty for information about the adorable John Krasinski (from "The Office") and are hoping that I can slake that thirst. I can't, really, so I'm sorry. Maybe I should post his picture for your enjoyment, or find out who he's dating for you, because honestly, I don't know (he's only my boyfriend in my mind). John, if you're reading this, please let my readers know who you're dating and send us some Tiger Beat-ish photos. Thank you.

ANYWAY, it's interesting to see why people click on your site. However, I have no idea what the person who was looking for "chance meetings subway breast" was hoping to find here. A female subway flasher? A bosomy train? Perhaps a surprising encounter with a chicken sandwich?


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