Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Burning questions...

About John Krasinski.

It's a good thing I mentioned John Krasinski of "The Office" awhile back, otherwise no one would ever find my moronic little blog out there in the overgrown jungles of the Interweb. Recent Internet searches that have landed people on my page include a number of inquiries regarding the rugged thespian.

So, I will share them with you, and answer your questions with the utmost authority.

To the person who googled "john krasinski jewish," I can't tell you whether he's Jewish. But, I did hear that he liked brisket, so who knows. Maybe you could go over to Mo' Pitkins and ask if anyone's seen him.

To the person who googled "john krasinski fan club," this isn't it, but if you want to email me your love letters, marriage proposals and souvenir panties, I'll see that he gets them.

To the person who googled "john krasinski adorable," why yes, I believe he is.

Now, enough of this meta exercise. I'm off to defrost my turkey.


Blogger Give Me My Remote said...

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5:27 PM  
Blogger Give Me My Remote said...

Love John Krasinski....I recently wrote about my love for him on my blog ( and it's been getting crazy hits from the search engines. Our boy is blowin up

5:29 PM  

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