Friday, December 09, 2005

B.J.s for Everyone!

I know y'all are hungry for gossip from The Office. While this has nothing to do with Our Man John Krasinski, the chaps of The Office should be aware that imposters are afoot, stealing what is rightfully theirs:

From a friend in L.A.:

"My comic friend BJ [last name redacted] met a chick when he was out and about and when she found out he was a comic, she assumed he was BJ Novak from The Office, despite looking not at all alike. [editor's note: this is true. I've seen pictures of B.J. Novak, and of B.J. the comic -- I might add, however, that the comic is not terrible-looking. In fact, he's kind of cute.]

"He played along with it to the point waking up naked at her place the next morning. He even had the balls to call her a few days later but apparently she must have looked up a photo of BJ Novak to show her friends or something because the moment she said hello she went ballistic on him saying she never wanted to see him again and damned him to hell for lying about his identity."

This reminds me of the moment in Shopgirl where Bridgette Sampras's character sleeps with Jason Schwartzman's character (again, not a terrible deal in and of itself) because she thinks he is Ray Porter, who he is not. "Oh, Ray!"

There must be a lot of imposterizationing (i know, this is not a word) going on in Hollywood, because I've also heard that Efren Ramirez's (Pedro in Napolean Dynamite) twin brother has misrepresented himself as Efren in order to score chicks. So, if you meet "Efren" while carousing L.A., and you're a social climber, you may want to take a look at his driver's license before you "Vote for Pedro."


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