Thursday, October 28, 2004


I turned my story into the NY Post today. I really wanted to do a good job b/c the stories are pretty easy, they pay fast, and while they pay slightly less per word than the glossies, the stories are easy enough that thtey hardly take any time at all (unlike magazine work, which is time consuming).

About 20 minutes after I turned it in, I got a note from the editor, Stephen, who said:


I haven't finished the story, but you wrote a Post lede. You'd be shocked how many people try to freelance for the paper and either have not read the Post or don't understand the meaning of the word "pithy." Thanks much -- you made my day.


I think I can count that as a success, and hopefully it will mean more assignments!


It'll be online Sunday, since you can't get a copy of hte print version there, except maybe at Barnes & Noble.


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