Friday, October 22, 2004

Money money money money, MONEY!

As the O'Jays sing before the start of the Apprentice....

So I had my interview at Money magazine yesterday. My friend Jonah recommended me for a job helping fact-check stuff for their February mutual-funds issue. The pay is really pretty good, including overtime (assuming it falls in the higher end of the range they quoted me), and would mean I could afford to buy some Christmas presents. Bonus. Also, they said I'd probably work on other reporting/writing projects while I was there, which means possible bylines -- very good for the resume to add one more magazine name to it. Also, they said if we were mutually happy with each other, they'd be open to freelance submissions from me after the project was over and that they often hire full-time staffers from the pools of people they bring in to work on projects. Rawk. I met with three editors and it seemed to go well with all of them. I'll find out about it next week. The project ends on Dec. 27, but I told them I was going home over Christmas and would be able to be in the office for the final days of the project, though I could be contacted by phone. They said that shouldn't be a problem.

Meanwhile, Registered Rep., the magazine I'm doing the newsletter for (thanks to the help of my friend Will), asked me to write their equities piece for the December issues, which is VERY good. It will be much easier than the newsletter for me to write, and it pays well, too. Hopefully that can become semi-regular gig. In fact, I'd rather keep doing that than the newsletter, which is turning out to be a difficult, time-consuming chore. But I said I'd do it for a few months, so hopefully it will get easier.


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