Tuesday, October 19, 2004

check, check, check

The last two weeks I"ve spent actually *doing* the projects I was assigned. I rewrote the Modern Bride piece and researched/wrote the Dakotas piece for Backpacker last week. This week I"m making all kinds of calls on the newsletter I'm doing for a financial mag here in the city.

I just ate a bacon sandwich. Sadly, I had no tomatoes. You eat weird crap when you're unemployed and home all day.

Thursday, I'm going in to interview with Money magazine for a project that would be nice, steady money but will also be incredibly boring. But, it would be excellent to have some coin for the holidays so I can both pay rent *and* maybe even buy some presents. I hope I get it. Also, I'd be able to pitch stories while I was there, so I could get some more clips. Otherwise, it'd be just straight monkey work. I suspect it'd be hard to get many freelance assignments right around the holidays b/c editors are just as busy as the rest of us, so this could be a nice way to coast through the end of the year.


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