Thursday, October 07, 2004

Boring patch

Today I'm meeting up with a PR lady who wants to try to sell me on some of her properties; don't know if I'll get a story idea but I will get a free lunch. Tonight I'm meeting up with the Modern Bride editor to go over what she wants for the Belize piece. I've already written it but I may change it up a bit as per her suggestions.

Beyond that, now I'm just trying to finish up the work I already have instead of looking for new work. I want to get the Backpacker piece turned in and get the Belize piece done and, make headway on my newsletter for Registered Rep. and next week dig up some column that I can write for them about equities. Seems as though my plate is full.

Oh, I talked to an editor at Money magazine, where my friend Jonah works. They are desperate for people to help them on a big mutual funds project. It's basically monkey work but I'd get to pitch articles to them as well. The pay would be good and steady for a month, BUT it would mean that I only got a long weekend for Christmas, as the project runs through Dec. 27. Maybe I'd tell them I could do it but only if I can knock off on Dec. 24. Seems like a dumb time to have a project end. I'm also worried about keeping up my newsletter thing for Registered Rep. if I was working full-time or even overtime somewhere else. Then again, it'd only be for a month and by that point I will probably really need the money, so if they offer it to me, I'll probably take it. It pays 20-25 an hour, and I'd hope that they'd give me in the high range of that.

Regarding the computer, I looked yesterday at some different models. You can't look at Dells in the store so I was looking at HPs but it seems I could get everything I need and that will last for a not-insane price. I'm also going to look into Macs. The new g5s have gotten amazing reviews and they are completely free of spam, bug and spyware problems because those are all formatted for PCs. We'll see.


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