Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Faulty equipment

I spent 90 minutes this morning trying (and failing) to accomplish a task that would have taken 15 seconds at the office -- printing a stinkin' resume. I tried all three of our apartment's printers and, for reasons far-ranging and too infuriating to get into, none are able currently to print a decent enough page to make copies of. That means today, with my face numbed to the hilt and looking like an especially sorry stroke victim, I'll be off to find some rapist copy shop that will steal all my money simply so I can print a resume and make copies of that and my clips. Whee.

My home computer setup is laughable. While I"m ever grateful to Lacy for his castoff, it has serious problems, most exacerbated by the fact that I had to upgrade from Windows ME -- basically, the digital equivalent of a buggy abacus -- to Windows 2000, and it didn't really take. Somehow it bifurcated my hard drive, hogging all available memory and leaving me with what amounts to little more than a typing machine with access to the Internet. It's not great for what I'm trying to do.

Dreaming of a laptop, a digital cam, and a laser printer that actually works....all tools of the trade I'm trying to do here. When I think of the equipment I'm currently monkeying with, it makes me think of Dad hauling around our first video camera -- a battery pack over one shoulder, the entire VCR on the other, with a camera the size of a Smartcar propped near his head. Ah, technology. Maybe someday if someone pays me to write or edit something, I can make a visit to eBay and take my chances with someone else's hobbling computer rejects. Again, whee. Adventure!


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