Friday, September 24, 2004


I'm exhausted. I emailed my little fingers to the bone. I resent the trail dog pitch to Hooked on the Outdoors magazine, but haven't heard anything back. The Daily News editor called me; we chatted a bit and he passed along the business editor's email and phone, so I sent him some clips, my resume and a note about the kind of stories I can do.

then I got in touch with one of the staff writers at Self, who used to be an editor there and is a good friend of someone I know at the Journal. She's out of the office until next Wednesday, but hopefully after that I will have a contact there. They pay really well -- $2 a word. A lot of it is fitness stuff so that would definitely be up my alley.

I also shot off an email to this guy who is starting up a new upscale gold and lifestyle magazine. I have a few ideas for it; he's also a friend of someone from the Journal.

I also updated my resume today. Somehow this doesn't sound like a lot, but it still took me all day to do it. I guess I just have to make sure when I'm emailing editors and such i don't sound like a doof, so there is a level of thought that has to be put into it.

Oh, and last night I attended some PR hoo-hah at the Loews Imax theater put on by the Australian tourism council. I got one story idea there that maybe I would be able to sell to someone. It's actually very NYTimes food section-y, but I think I'd have a pretty tough time just waltzing in there with it. Maybe I can sell it somehwere else. It's about truffles. They had free wine and Australian food, which was nice because it's allowed me to spend ZERO DOLLARS in both of the last two days. Yay.

Off to jog.


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