Friday, September 24, 2004

One step forward, one back

Well, the editor from Backpacker that I managed to actually reach wrote back to say he liked the idea but they had an item on trail dogs on May. Ack. So I'm going to pitch it some other places, but that was the best bet for placement. I couldn't dare hope for Outside; perhaps outdoor life? He did ask me to send along some clips, and said he'd "like to see some of [my] work and try to see where you might fit into the magazine. So that is good!

In other news, the top editor at the New York Daily News called me to talk about freelance stuff. He gave me the name of their business editor and seemed interested in getting me in there to do some feature-y stuff.

So. We'll see. Everything is sort of progressing, but not at the pace that's providing paychecks. One of my writerly friends said I'm way, way, way ahead of the game considering most people go freelance with far fewer contacts than I have. But it doesn't feel that way.

Off to find a new place to pitch trail dogs...


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