Wednesday, September 29, 2004

finally, progress

Today I pitched two stories to the Daily News. I think one is pretty strong and the other would be not much more than filler, but their section kinda sucks so who knows. One is about Red Hook, a neighboring 'hood I'd be psyched to write about.

I'm having lunch with a financial mag editor tomorrow to talk about working for them part-time, and one of my sources recommended me to an acquaintance of his for some corporate work that would probably be *very* lucrative. I intend to hunt her down. I also spent NINETY DOLLARS at Kinko's, that robber baron, making up packets to send out. It's nice to have them all done, though. I'm sending one off to Backpacker and a few other places today. Hurrah.


Blogger Susan Schulte said...

Hi! Wow that all sounds encouraging. Sounds like you're working at this extremely hard. Good for you! Overhead costs are a bummer, huh?

3:33 PM  

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