Friday, October 22, 2004

Murphy's Law

So I started getting tickets this week for having an expired inspection sticker. I got one ticket and thought, I better get my inspection done! I'll do it after my deadlines pass. Then the next day, I got *another* ticket for hte same thing -- apparently, they can just keep ticketing you over and over, ad infitum, until you get the inspection done. Already furious, I drove my car to the garage. They said the car couldn't pass inspection because the brakes were bad or something, something about a missing brake pad and a worn down rotor or something. IT's going to cost FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. That's nealry half of what the car is worth. But, if I keep getting ticketed at this rate, I'd spend that much in tickets in a week. I guess that's why my brake lights started glowing red on my latest trip. I guess it's why my bank account is now prematurely on "empty." Great. It's *always* something.


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