Thursday, October 28, 2004

Things I'm into now

1) Boursin with pepper. For the love of Pete, people, please think outside of the chemical-orange Kraft singles box. Good cheese can be priced similarly, or even below, processed American cheese and it tastes way better, is more interesting, and goes farther.

2) Ginger ale. I'm trying not to suck it down by the gallon.

3) Jogging through the leaves, listening to kids at recess.

4) Knocking down editor's doors, trying to get assignments. Today I applied for some boring-sounding corporate gig that would probably be steady and pay well. Yahoo. I'm also finishing up my first piece for the Post.

5) Skim milk. I must have a calcium definiciency. I've been drinking it by the gallons.

6) Random musings. Thinking about things like the tendency people have toward distraction, and the people who don't have that tendency, and what the differences are.


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