Monday, October 25, 2004

Two new babies

A day after I found out I am going to BE AN AUNT (congrats, Nick and Heather!), I got a baby of my own.

It came in a bit shy of its due date, much to my happy surprise. Being a premie, it was pretty small -- less than 7 pounds. Unlike most babies, it's a lovely color of silver and has an Apple tattoo on its top.

It's my new Mac PowerBook G5! It's sooooooooo beautiful! I had it up and running in just a few minutes and it is spam and popup-free. Currently I"m at Chris and Dave's working on my blog on a wireless network I picked up from one of the neighbors. New York is so wired I shouldn't ever have a problem finding a connection. Yahoo!

I do need to find a way to finagle a copy of Microsoft Office, but Lacy showed me a p to p sharing site where apparently people post their programs for sharing. I tried Laura's copy but she was already over the limit on registrations. Boo.

Anyway, I love the computer. The keyboard is so comfortable, the screen is so beautiful and clear, and I'm excited to have something that *works* for once! And it's my very own.

I still have the first computer mom and dad bought for me way back in 1993 -- the Mac color classic. These days it looks a bit like a relic but I'm hanging onto it; maybe someday it will be vintage enough to display, like the old black typewriter I keep on the desk in my room for show.


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