Monday, January 16, 2006


Regarding the seemingly phone averse Butt Double has included: "Drastically reduce expectations," to "He's just a flake, but maybe he likes you," to "He's an ass, forget about him" to "He called, and that's what you wanted, and that's a GOOD THING."

I guess at this point nothing less than him running over here with his cat under one arm and a spare key to his apartment for me tucked in his pocket could make me happy; of course in my overzealous excitement I expected too much from him, and that's not his fault. But, still, I guess I"m going to go with "Drastically reduce expectations."

Off to drink a scotch and try to forget about it. I'm sick of reducing my expectations. I'm sick of drinking scotch and trying to forget about it. He has terrible timing.


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