Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crushing on David Addison

Since my earlier post could have scared away readers due to its high gloominess content, let me add that 2006 is not entirely lost, for I have yet to finish viewing the first two seasons of Moonlighting DVDs that I got for Christmas.

This show is alternately wonderful and horrible, although my friend Dave, who has screened a few episodes with me, might argue that it is simply just "horrible." The bad 80s clothes! The bad 80s hair! The bad 80s synth music!

All of the above is true. The plotlines involving cases to be solved are especially rotten. Episodes typically end with a "harrowing" (and groan-inducing) scene in which we find our hero and heroine precariously dangling off an L.A. high-rise with a bad guy gripping their ankle. We then watch Mr. Baddie (who often has a serious case of acne, because all people with acne are driven to a life of crime) fall many stories to his death.

And yet, I devour it. I guess the reason I really love the show is because David Addison woos Maddie the way I've always liked to be woo'ed, and it's fun to watch him do it. Watching David silly-seduce Maddie brings to mind the question of the chicken and the egg. Did watching Moonlighting during the years when my fermenting hormones were about to erupt forth cause my lifelong magnetic attraction to fast-talking alpha-male jackasses? Or did my latent attraction to fast-talking alpha-male jackasses (albeit ones with good hearts and nimble brains) draw me to David Addision? The world may never know. All I know is my junior-year prom date -- the first 'man' I ever really went totally gaga over -- not only looked like David Addison, but he smirked like him too. From then on I was hooked on cockiness, and find nothing less dull than someone who doesn't have the balls to be bold and perhaps brash in his flirtations.

Despite the crap mystery plotlines, Moonlighting's dialogue is delightful. I think the writers were pretty ahead of their time with the sexual innuendo and repartee. A sample: Maddie freaks out (as usual), and David playfully shouts "You're losing your grip and I haven't even had a chance to sample it yet!" She glowers, but she LIKES IT, dammit!

Here's to the David Addisons of the world, may your jackassery live on and on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could think Moonlighting is horrible. It is mos definitely one of the best shows ever. David and Maddie are one of the greatest screen couples of all time, and the first two seasons are excellent. I recommend you pick up Season three also, it is just as good.

10:39 PM  

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