Friday, January 06, 2006

Bye Bye Black Table

My beloved Black Table is being put to rest later this month. It lived 3 long and fulfilling years, which in Internet time makes it a wheezing old geezer begging for someone to shut off its oxygen and put it out of its misery. The reason for its demise is that those who made it live and lovingly spoon-fed it every day have very deservedly go on to endeavors that actually pay them to be creative and out there in general are too busy being minor media celebrities to keep on giving the Black Table the loving care it needs. The Black Table was created so people like me had a place that would welcome publishing all the stuff that other magazines were too silly or outmoded or high minded to publish, and it kept me from going nuts from boredom during my five dry years at the Wall Street Journal.

There's going to be a wake later this month so you can throw a clump of dirt on the Black Table and send it off to the great URL in the sky, although unfortunately I won't be there since I'll be in Colorado snowboarding. At any rate, go party with all my BT friends. They're the best.

We'll miss you, Black Table.

And, if you'd like to read some of the items I've written for the site, you can click here to access them in the archives.


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