Friday, February 16, 2007

My Underminer

There are certain people in my life I wish would just go away., and I'm not entirely sure how they got there in the first place. I've had a handful of stalkers. There's a know-it-all who is forever correcting me and everyone around her, even though I've been traipsing through this confusing earth nearly a decade longer and have lived more expansively (at least by my own admittedly skewed estimation). And now my Underminer has returned.

One of my problems is that I tend to view the past, and people I have known (but perhaps aren't around to bother me any longer), with rose-colored glasses. I forget the ways in which they wronged me, I fail to remember how they grated on my nerves, I only remember our happy happy ha ha times. I guess overall that's a good thing, I mean, who wants to go through life stewing over crap that happened a decade earlier? Why, just the other day when my ex sent a baby present to my sister, I wrote him an email telling him how thoughtful he was and how my family were all such big fans of his, as was I. He wrote back: "Do they know that I blocked your e-mail on and off or about two years and then texted you asking if you wanted to fuck after not speaking to you for 9 months? Thanks for the compliment, but puh-lease, I think your memory is a bit selective right now."

Point taken.

Which is why I forgot just how much the Underminer gets to me. The Underminer has in ways been a wonderful friend. We've travelled together, had many adventures, and she's certainly unique. But she has a way of paying me "compliments" that somehow sting. Example: "Your hair looks so great! So natural! You can hardly even SEE any gray!" I mean, wtf? It's my natural hair. Of course it looks natural. I've had a streak of gray since I was 13, so quit trying to imply that I'm ready for Depends and a Rascal scooter.

I could go on in enumerating the ways in which I've been insulted in the last two days, but in the interest of at some point forgetting, I guess I'll leave it at this.


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