Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dreams of a Geek Sandwich

During the last two months of 2006, I was busier than a bartender on payday, and I blew off blogging. As you can see, my alliteration skills didn't suffer, although this blog has. Now, my workload has abated (although I fear I'm due to get slammed in February), but I'm still not back in the swing of things. I'm attempting to figure out why.

I think part of it is that after the intense concentration required to achieve each of the 624,345 deadlines I had in the past few months, I'm enjoying not doing much. I became a little manic during my busy phase. I became a list keeper, and everything on my list each day had to get done, be it 12 things or 120. And I *did* get them all done; I became somewhat manic and even more neurotic than usual, but dammit if I didn't pull down (for two months, anyway), a salary that is more commensurate for one with a law degree than one with a BS in journalism from a land-grant university.

Now I'm spending my days trying to decide if there's some way, at my advanced age, that I can lure Beauty and the Geek dreamboats Scooter and Nate into my boudoir -- one, both, I don't care. Call me, boys! Alas, it doesn't make for good blogging.

I'm sure someday someone will come along and arouse my ire, providing fuel for what often amount to little more than vitriolic rants. Until that day comes, think of me as at peace, at home with my TiVo, nurturing crushes on 22-year-old dorks who sing in Star Wars bands. Sigh. Dreamy.


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