Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ten Things Tuesdays: What I Got for Christmas

1) A delicious jar of Harry & David Pepper & Onion Relish. Mixed half and half with cream cheese, this stuff is the ambrosia of the gods and is unavailable for retail purchase in New York City. Unfortunately, some hatchet-haired security wench at the airport took it away, so I am going to have to go dip free until my mail-order shipment arrives in mid-January. Given that my blood is now running half-cheese after a week in the Midwest, I'm not sure what kind of DTs this is going to bring on, but I'm not looking forward to it.

2) Cash. Cash was a lot more fun when I got to spend it -- not that I don't appreciate this year's cash! I do, I do. Keep it coming! But this year's cash is going straight into a Roth IRA, and I can't tell you just how very old that makes me feel. People this mature are supposed to have kids, and I have only my houseplant to whom I can pass this kind wisdom. I'm sure it will appreciate the annual compound growth of this year's maximum $4,000 contribution when it's 60. Verily, at this rate, I think my philodendron will outlive me.

3) Yelled at for 30 minutes by a raving drunk who happens to be a blood relative. Merry Christmas to you, too. It made me want desperately to come back to New York, where people are normal.

4) A big fat gift card to Crabtree & Evelyn. Normally gift cards are kind of a cop-out but I scored this year. Crabtree & Evelyn makes my favorite massage oil of all time. If only my houseplant could slather it on my aching back. I think I"m headed there after work; maybe some aromatics will help ease the pain of the first day back at work.

5) The ability to fit into a size six. Thanks, me! Those countless hours on the treadmill paid off and left me clapping with glee in dressing rooms at year's end. My sister, another gift-card giver and 9 months pregnant (making me look EVEN THINNER by comparison), took me shopping at White House Black Market, where I found a hot little party dress 60% off. It looks kinda like this, but not really (mine's cuter!). Only a size 4 and a size 6 remained, and thanks to my new lack-of-beer-belly, I got to buy one instead of stomping out in fatty frustration. Now, where to wear it...? Suggestions?

6) A camping cup with a carabiner for a handle. I love how my brother keeps it real and reminds me how much I enjoy living in tents.

7) Lift tickets to Copper and Keystone. You'd think that 2 feet of new snow in Denver would automatically translate to endless powder in the mountains. But, you'd be wrong. All it did was snarl the airports to a crawl. Nevertheless, given that Vermont has a base layer of ZERO FEET, even the inches-thin dusting of new powder I got to enjoy during two days of boarding sent me into waves of adventure-sport ecstacy. Plus, none of the other tourists could get there, so we had the mountains all to ourselves!

8) Lily Allen's album. Run out and purchase. You can say you knew her when. She's gonna blow up huge.

9) A handblown glass ornament from Germany, where my brother lives. If you're going to give Christmas ornaments, that's the classy way to go.

10) Dinner at Blue Ribbon in Soho. I'm still thinking about the raw bar and the lamb chops...I had never been happier to be back in the city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a little late on the lilly allen love. but other than that it's great to finally get another post from you. new york is glad to have you back! xo Christos

9:25 PM  

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