Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Alive..But Barely

I escaped South Dakota unscathed. None of the typical travel travesties -- late or missed flights -- dogged me, and somehow it hovered around a magical, temperate 50 degrees as opposed to the usual extremities-freezing single digits.

However, the rest of the trip was nothing but strange. It involved bunny shootings, thinly veiled (if that) overtures from not one but TWO married "men," (luckily, none of them family members), and near-constant mental breakdowns over the fact that I was unable to tackle a tenth of the crushing workload I needed to because I felt it was more important to go over old family photo albums with Granny before she's not around anymore. Plus, she wouldn't let me get up from the table.

All this, along with some other personal developments, has left me rather rattled, so I apologize in advance if these pages aren't up to snuff in the next few days. Not that they ever are.


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