Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ten Things Tuesdays: I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes

When I was a kid, I loved books. Still do of course, but apparently I was quite the little sponge when I was a tot. Mom said I had memorized full books before I was 2 years old, and she could never get away with skipping a page because I could quote entire tomes by memory. (If only I had such a photographic memory today -- guess I should have held off on the beer bongs in college.)

Of course, Mom read me a lot of Dr. Seuss and I remember loving "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street," a book about a young boy named Marco who is exhorted by his father to keep his eyes peeled for interesting sights during the day. All he sees with his eyes is a horse pulling a wagon, but in his imagination it's a zebra pulling a chariot, or a reindeer pulling a sled, or an elephant with a prince on top!

I knew how poor little Marco felt. All I saw when I looked out the window when I was a kid was cows chewing cud and endless acres of corn fields. Maybe if I was in for a real treat, I'd get lucky and spy a soybean field. Oh, the variety! South Dakota is a nice, safe place to grow up, and it's starkly beautiful in a way, but I credit part of my zest for New York in all its endless variety to the 17 formative years I spent in what amounted to a very large sensory-deprivation chamber.

It's theorized that Seuss's Mulberry Street is based on a street near his childhood home in Springfield, Mass. But there's a Mulberrry Street in New York, too. Here are some random, weird, wonderful and terrible things I've seen in my wanderings here. New York can be gorgeous, or ugly, but whatever the case there's always something to see.

1) A woman on the subway throwing up in a Tupperware container, then primly closing the lid and putting it in her purse.
2) A waiter in a red tuxedo running full-steam down the sidewalk in the Village, a pineapple held aloft in one hand over his head.
3) An irate woman hurling Dunkin' Donuts at a legless, earless man in a wheelchair, while her toddler looked on. God help us all.
4) A three-legged dog sitting on a bar stool at a pub, lapping beer out of a glass.
5) An elephant meandering around in the street near Madison Square Garden. Why hello there!
6) Two buildings being hit by airplanes, and crumbling to ash before my eyes.
7) A man in a loincloth and feather headdress, standing under a bridge in Central Park, playing a violin while dancing and singing opera in falsetto. (His name is Thoth, by the way.)
8) Ice skaters whirling around on an outside rink -- on a 70-degree day in October.
9) For sale: Live frogs in a bucket, on the street. Mmmmmm, dinner!
10) A fully made-up mime walking down the street, carrying a Hefty bag, and smoking a cigarette. (OK, it's recent. Sorry!)

What are the most memorable random things you've seen while out and about?


Anonymous Todd said...

numbers 3 and 4 made my day...

8:41 PM  
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