Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This Year, I am So Thankful...

I'm headed home early tomorrow a.m. for South Dakota, by which I mean I'm headed to O'Hare, where I will LIKELY be delayed by weather for four or five days, miss my connection, endure countless cancellations, and spend Thanksgiving eating a $27 turkey sandwich in the airport, crying, and wishing I were dead. That's what happens most years. Alternately, I will make it home via some holiday travel miracle. In which case, I look forward to enjoying the forecast highs of 12 and lows of 2. YES!

I'm thankful as always that I have a great family to spend my holidays with. I just wish they'd move a wee bit closer to an airline hub.

(p.s. to all my friends who have come to expect my annual New York Thanksgiving dinner -- lumpy gravy and all -- I promise to be back next year [siblings' procreational cycles willing] with MORE BOOZE THAN EVER. I'll miss you more than you know!)


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