Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Kick Me"

Can't find a link for some reason, but Time Out New York's Feb. 15 issue has a hilarious little article about a British artist named Mark McGowan who's coming to New York to do a little (painful sounding) performance art.

"McGowan will spend 72 hours nonstop crawling around New York on his hands and knees while wearing a Dubya mask and a sign on his behand that reads 'KICK MY ASS.' Says McGowan by phone from London: 'I like to think of it as a service -- a therapeutic engagement with the people of America.'

"...He'll be aided by a vital piece of equipment hidden in his clothes -- a pillow for his butt. 'I don't mind people kicking me, I just hope it isn't too severe,' he says. 'But it's all for a good cause: Bush needs his ass kicked.'"

I don't know whether to kick the guy, or kiss him. McGowan, that is. Not Bush.


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