Friday, March 17, 2006

Alessandra Stanley Has a Bug Up Her Ass

Apparently the Times's TV critic had a bad date recently. Maybe she wanted to go out on and eat lobster at a place with nice tablecloths and flatware, but her 20-something date wanted instead to sit at home on his couch and stick his hand up her blouse. Because in today's review of the new WB series "Modern Men," about men in their 20s in Chicago who are looking for love, she has this to say:

"...It caters to the Elle Girl fantasy that young men have feelings, and with proper tutoring can be trained to explore and express them. It's sweet, if naïve: when they are a little older, these viewers will learn that in his 20's, the only feeling a man wants to feel is a feel."

Now, isn't that a little unfair, cliche, and...I don't know, somehow letting men off the hook? I mean, are our expectations really this low? And if so, why would anyone with a Y chromosome waste their time trying to convince us that they're anything other than a grunting, mindless caveman?

Personally, most of the men I know are plenty in touch with their feelings (even if I don't always like what those feelings are), and in some cases are seemingly even better equipped to express them than I am. Validly expressing emotions is a hard task for most people, especially if one is somewhat confused about what exactly it is they're feeling in the first place. So lay off, Stanley.


Blogger Mike said...

Wow. Just, wow.

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