Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We'll Walk by Night

I've been working really hard lately, and even at that, not as hard as I should be, especially on the piece I'm supposed to be doing for the WSJ. It feels as though there just aren't enough hours in the day. So I'll have to make this quick.

I just wanted to alert all the other ladies out there who are still pining away for David Addison that Moonlighting: Season 3 is now out on DVD. I went and ordered myself a copy today and I'm very excited for its arrival. My life hasn't had enough smarm or Booger (as Miss Dipesto's boyfriend) in it lately.

Hm. "Smarm and Booger" sounds like some English dish, doesn't it? Like "Bangers and Mash," "Bubble and Squeak," or "Black and White Pudding" (which, I might add, is made of pig's blood. I had it one time at the Half King).

OK, back to work.


Anonymous JLo's Booty said...

oh, you work too hard. what are we, your dutiful readers to do in times like this?

we think you've just taken up with some young strapping mormon boy, and are corrupting him via two-fisted drinking of regular beer.

well come back soon princess.

- your adoring audience

7:35 PM  

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