Monday, February 27, 2006

A Weird Thought

So I have this postcard from the Wizard of Oz in my bedroom. Many years ago my best from from college sent me a quote from the book, "The Wondeful Wizard of Oz," by Frank Baum. It was about the seeking that was going on in the book. The loving tin man was looking for a heart, the brave lion was looking for courage, and the wise scarecrow wished that he only had a brain. They all went to the wizard seeking such things. The curtain was pulled back, and he was revealed as a farce. And each realized that he already had it in him.

I think the message is totally about secular humanism.

And it only took me thirty freaking years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's something about the whole wizard of oz thing in economics: the debate over silver: so dorthy is traditional american values; the scarecrow is a farmer, the tin woodman is the industrial worker and the lion is william jennings byran... the yellow brick road is the gold standard... in Oz or washington, everyone sees the world through green glasses, or money... the wizard is a fraud and dorthy's problem is problem is solved with the silver slippers--the silver standard for money.... note this refers to the book, not the movie. i have no idea if it is accurate.

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