Thursday, February 23, 2006

South Dakota Legislature Bans Abortion

The legislature of my home state of South Dakota has voted to ban abortion, unless the life of the mother is at risk.

OK, I know I normally post about insignificant crap like broccoli casseroles and the stupid antics of various losers I've dated.

But, this peeves me to no end and I'm somewhat embarassed to call that place home. We as a society and a country have decided that abortions should be legal, and I don't know why these vociferous people spend so much time and energy trying to change that. WE CAN'T EVEN TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE WE ALREADY HAVE ON THE PLANET -- why not try devoting some resources to that? Why not take some of the millions of dollars you throw at the abortion "problem" and feed some kids who don't have enough food, or provide some drinking water for children in Africa whose parents died of AIDS? Why are these fetuses more important than the children we already have with us, and more importantly, who are you to decide that?

Back when I converted to Presbyterianism, I decided I better see where my church stood on this issue. Here are a few key takeaways from the Presbyterian Church USA's stance on abortion:

"...There are no biblical texts that speak expressly to the topic of abortion, but that taken in their totality the Holy Scriptures are filled with messages that advocate respect for the woman and child before and after birth. Therefore the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) encourages an atmosphere of open debate and mutual respect for a variety of opinions concerning the issues related to problem pregnancies and abortion."

Areas of Substantial Agreement on the Issue of Abortion:

"Problem pregnancies are the result of, and influenced by, so many complicated and insolvable circumstances that ***we have neither the wisdom nor the authority to address or decide each situation.***" (emphasis mine)

"We affirm the ability and responsibility of women, guided by the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit, in the context of their communities of faith, to make good moral choices in regard to problem pregnancies."

"We call upon Presbyterians to work for a decrease in the number of problem pregnancies, thereby decreasing the number of abortions."

"The considered decision of a woman to terminate a pregnancy can be a morally acceptable, though certainly not the only or required, decision. Possible justifying circumstances would include medical indications of severe physical or mental deformity, conception as a result of rape or incest, or conditions under which the physical or mental health of either woman or child would be gravely threatened."

"We are disturbed by abortions that seem to be elected only as a convenience or ease embarrassment. We affirm that abortion should not be used as a method of birth control."

"We reject the use of violence and/or abusive language either in protest of or in support of abortion."

"The strong Christian presumption is that since all life is precious to God, we are to preserve and protect it. Abortion ought to be an option of last resort."

"The Christian community must be concerned about and address the circumstances that bring a woman to consider abortion as the best available option. Poverty, unjust societal realities, sexism, racism, and inadequate supportive relationships may render a woman virtually powerless to choose freely."

Note that last one: We should be working more on finding solutions to the broader societal problems we already have that may influence women to have abortions in the first place.

All right, I promise my next post will about something totally funny and inconsequential.


Blogger Sweet Southern Girl said...

Hmmm...I'm all about feeding starving kids in well as funnelling a large portion of money into education on safe sex and BIRTH CONTROL!! Since lots of people obviously have no clue. Tip: If you can't afford a condom, you definitely can't afford a baby!

5:18 PM  

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