Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Nook

So I spent all morning today with great friends at church, loads of them, and then I met one of my best friends out for brunch. After that, we went to the movies. And then I came home. It was a day filled with friends.

Normally, at least one of my roommates is at home. But tonight, L is with her boyfriend and LG is somewhere, maybe with this chap he's been seeing lately. So I'm sitting here alone with my bottle of Pellegrino. I just called my parents, whom my brother, his wife and my niece are visiting, and they were just sitting down to eat so they asked me to call back. The whole thing left me feeling a little lonely, maybe missing my family I suppose.

Sunday nights sometimes seem sorta empty and lonely. I'm perfectly happy being alone, but tonight feels lonely. Sunday nights often feel lonely even when I have friends or family around, I'm not sure what it is...

This time, I think it was this episode of Sex and the City that I watched the other night on HBO on demand. Carrie and Aiden are in a fight and suddently Aiden doesn't want Carrie to sleep in his "nook" anymore -- that nice warm spot that's created when you sleep next to someone, they're on their back and they put your arm around you, and you curl up in their armpit. Carrie keeps trying to figure out how to get "back in the nook."

And I guess I thought, it's now officially been years since I've had a nook to call my own. You can borrow a nook for a night here and there but it's nothing like the familiarity of a regular nook. It's not like I sit around pining for a boyfriend by any means, because along with boyfriends comes a whole host of problems that sometimes just aren't enough to offset the benefit of the nook. But in a moment of self pity, it briefly crossed my mind that I might never have a nook again. Which is ridiculous, but nonetheless made me feel horribly alone.

I guess I"ll go cue up my friend TiVo for a little company now. Buenos noches, amigos.


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