Monday, February 13, 2006

What's That? Chanel No. 5? Or Progestin?

I got a press release today. I'm boggled.

MELBOURNE and NEW YORK (13 February 2006) - Acrux (ASX: ACR), the Australian company with technology for delivering drugs across the skin, today announced an agreement with the New York-based Population Council. The agreement enables Acrux to progress toward commercialization of a unique contraceptive spray containing the new-generation contraceptive drug Nestorone®.

Results of a Phase 1 clinical trial ... showed that a once-daily application of Nestorone MDTS provides the level of Nestorone in the blood known to be effective for contraception. "The target features are: a convenient daily spray onto the arm that is more discreet and less irritating to the skin than a patch, and, we believe, will prove to have a better safety profile than other hormonal contraceptives. Market research has shown that many women will prefer the ease and convenience of this method to swallowing pills, taking injections, or wearing patches."

Etc. Etc. Just think: before running out the door on your date, dab a bit of perfume behind one ear and a dab of birth control behind the other, and you're good to go.

Alternately, they could set up "perfume girls" -- of the variety they have at Saks -- at Wal-Marts around the country and the nation's trailer parks would be significantly less overcrowded.

Imagine the possibilities.


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