Thursday, February 09, 2006

The expansive boughs of the mighty orchid

So sometimes my job is important, like, right now, I'm researching a story on antiangiogenic drugs, and it's kind of interesting. But usually, my day job (which, mercifully, is only part-time) is dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I'm here for quality control to make sure that stupid-ass mistakes don't make it into print.

Today my boss asks me to help clean up someone else's little mess. They had misspelled the name of some kind of nature preserve in Mexico and he wanted me to track down the right spelling. Here is the sentence in question: "In the nearby Sierra de La Giganta mountain range, Primer Agua, an old Jesuit ranch, temps [sic] guests to jump into its crystalline spring for a swim, or barbecue in the cool shade of an orchid."

So the editor emails me asking, "Is it spelled 'Agua' or 'Aqua'?"

But my question is, "How do you barbecue in the shade of an orchid?"

I can see the hungry gaucho now, crouched with his can of beans under the tiny trembling orchid leaves....

Sheesh. Who writes this stuff?


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