Thursday, February 02, 2006

Speaking of Chains

I was awfully disappointed the last time I was coerced into eating Indian food at Balucchi's, the local Indian chain. Servings were skimpy and overpriced, and frankly, just not that good.

If you're looking for tasty and reasonably priced Indian on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, make sure you give Bombay Dream a try. It's like two doors down from Balucchi's and never crowded (which is a shame). Look past the pink tableclothes, order an oversized Taj Mahal and get the vegetarian combo platter. You won't be disappointed, and you won't be paying $12 for half a cup of saag paneer. My friends had to haul me out of there in a wheelbarrow, and it was worth every bite.

I seriously need to get back to the gym.


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