Thursday, January 26, 2006

Powder Here, Powder There, Powder Everywhere

I'm going to be quiet for a couple days, at least online. Otherwise, I'll probably be screaming my bloody noggin off, as I'm heading out for a few days of snowboarding in Vail with my sister. She's Trying to Procreate and therefore may not be available for death-defying sports that can potentially turn your skeleton inside out in the near future. I hear they have the best snow they've had there in 20 years, so I'm pretty excited to get some powder instead of the rock-hard ice slicks that pass for ski resorts on the east coast. I'm going for her company holiday/winter party and her birthday -- every year her boss comps them lift tickets to Vail, so I even get to go for free. Plus, judging by last year, her boss also enjoys buying me expensive tequila. So it should be a good time.

Of course, this means missing the final booze-soaked wake for my dear Black Table here in NYC, which pains me to no end (although I'm sure no one there will miss me, as they'll have plenty of powder of their own to cut the pain). I can't believe I'm not going to be there to say goodbye; it's like having someone close to you kick off and then not being able to see the body -- I think it might impair my ability to "move on." But, what're you going to do?

At any rate, my excitement for Colorado at this point is outweighing my disappointment at missing the BT party so all is well.


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