Tuesday, February 21, 2006

IM Conversation of the Day (Speaking of Beer Bellies...)

(Regarding the earlier post on the South Dakota cookbook):

Erin: So what are you having for dinner tonight? I was thinking of making some of that scrumptous sounding Diabetic Cucumber Salad.
A: As tempting as that is, I really was leaning toward that home made paint thinner. taste-eeee
Erin: Mmmm, maybe that'd melt down my beer belly, haha.
Erin: I heard burning your esophogous out cuts down the appetite, at any rate.
A: Yeah, and dying does wonders for one's weight
A: You just get skinnier and skinnier
Erin: You should go scream that out at the Conde Nast building, the women would trample you for such good news!
Erin: The next diet guru!
Erin: "Just die, you too can be a size zero!"
A: I find it rather sad that it would probably be a marketing success.
A: First Atkins, now Death.


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