Wednesday, March 01, 2006

World Famous Research Skills Get Nod

I had to spend seven years as a real journalist before I was able to build up $73 in my savings account, thus allowing me to quit my day job and commit to the life of luxury slash frantic job-juggling that I fret over today.

Thus, everyone knows that I have all kinds of snoopy, sneaky tricks up my sleeve when it comes to Google and Nexis or any other "real reporter" type resource. Give me your first initial and your favorite color and in five minutes I'll be telling you your own life story. I'll be telling you stuff about yourself that YOU didn't even know.

Still, it was an honor when the quirky yet sophisticated TAN, Gawker's special correspondent for brown people, asked me to help him dig up some authentic Wigger poses to help illustrate his piece today about why February should be rechristened Wigger History month, and blacks should enjoy more time in the sun.

Thanks, TAN!


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