Thursday, December 09, 2004

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That's a lot of what making magazines is about, apparently. It's incredible. The pace is so different than newspapers; in any one day the Journal probably has the equivalent of four Money magazines in it, and they produce that EVERY DAY. Of course, the staff here is much smaller. But it seems that about 2% of the t ime here is spent actually reporting and talking to people, about 5% is spent writing, and the rest is TALKING ENDLESSLY about story development, how to "package" it, and then fact-checking it to death for hte most picky unie crap. Blab blab blab. Makes me miss the old days of real news reporting. Arkansas paid like crap and you weren't winning any pulitzers, but at least it was real news! Crazy people with a thousand cats who eat their dead husbands right before their very eyes (yes, a story I actually covered), AIDS funding, tornadoes, shootings, city council, Clinton...ahh, fond memories.

That said, I really do like it here at the magazine. The people are real nice and the offices are real nice and the cafeteria is delish. They had a meeting today for the temps and said when our terms are up we can keep in touch with their fofice in case they have other magazines that need people -- they do some fun magazines here, like InStyle, Time, People, etc., so that could be a good opportunity for more steady money adn to see what other magazines are like. Meanwhile, the Rockefeller Center area (and Radio city, across the street), are decorated very festively -- tons of lights and big holiday sculptures and trees and decorations. Really beautiful. New York around Christmas is divine. Wish I had someone to share it with this year. Boo hoo, poor me.

some days here the hours are ok, only about 10-6 but other days when there are big deadlines the days get very, very long. it's all right, though, i get paid by the hour. and anyway, the holiday season has seemed less insane with only my parties and my work and my friends to worry about instead of two people's parties and friends and obligatory holiday whatevers with family or work or friends and etc. So at least I have been able to get to the gym a bit, hopefully elevating my endorphins enough that I don't feel the urge to cry every 10 minutes anymore like i've been doing for, what, now, six months? I'm also back up and running on dad's web site (go see the changes) so hopefully we can track progress of hte office.

Saturday should be a fun day. First, the 20-30 group at church is having their holiday party, with an open bar and appetizers, at a pub in Midtown, starting at 830. After that's done, around 1030, I'm headed back to Brooklyn for a friend's holiday karaoke party at her apartment. I suspect I may not make it to the early service. Or, maybe, any at all -- i've been goig very regularly since the retreat so I may allow myself to sleep in that one time. However, I will make it on Thursday -- that's Fifth Avenue Presbyeterian's traveler's Christmas eve service. They do it every year the Thursday a week before Christmas Eve; its the exact replica of their actual Christmas Eve service -- the amazing choir and organ and traditional hymns, and trees and garlands all over the gorgeous chapel. Last year, Chris and laura came with me and afterward we decamped to the Telephone Bar in the East Village for stilton fritters (wonderful -- all gooey cheesy fried goodness!) and Guinnesses and shepherd's pie. I've decided to carry on that tradition -- so this year me, Laura, her friend Ashley, her boyfriend Jim, possibly bro in law Mike, my friends from church, and whoever else wants to come, are going to go get in the holiday spirit with a wonderful church service and then -- go drink beer. Well, we're halfway on our way to being good. :) I can't believe the Christmas eve service is coming up next week -- and I have exactly two christmas presents bought. gulp.


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