Monday, November 15, 2004

Niagara, Money, etc.

I got back late Sunday from Niagara Falls. It was a pretty exhausting trip. I had a great room with a jacuzzi tub overlooking the Falls, but they kept us on a very hectic schedule of eating steak and crab legs and drinking martinis. :) Seriously, though, there were not more than a few hours of free time and it was exhausting getting shuttled all over town. We took a helicopter ride over the falls, visited a butterfly aviary type thing (neat!), ate at all the best restaurants i town, checked out the bars and the casinos, and did a tour of the local vineyards. and I did get to get a free massage and body scrub, which was nice. I also took a lot of bubble baths adn went for a run along the falls. One of the best partts of the trip was trying all the local wines. They have over 50 wineries in the area and produce the world's most award winning ice wines which are DELICIOUS. Without giving too much away let's say that everyone will be able to try some at Christmas.

Today I started at Money magazine. They're currently getting my email and other computer stuff set up so I'm not really doing any work yet. I feel pretty overwhelmed this week -- I have edits due on two different freelance stories, I've got to start work on a third, get all the updates up on dad's web site (and I still have stuff I need to do to my computer to enable it to do this) AND now I'm working full-time. I was hoping to get a lot of work done this weekend but I was way too overwhelmed with, well, work. I know it doesn't sound like work going out to eat and talking to hotel people and stuff, but it simply means you can't be at a computer and you're taking notes and doing interviews all day.

In addition, I'm totally stressed because the operating system here is too old to get on my Gmail account, which means I have no idea if I have angry editors emailing me from across the country about edits that aren't coming in, because I can't get on my email. I'm freaking out. Ack! So if anyone emails me today i won't get it till late tonight.

The offices here are really nice. I have my own big cubicle and Aeron chair. They have free coffee and snacks and the offices are really big. I'm right by Rockefeller Center on Sixth Ave. and 50th St. It's a bit longer of a commute in the morning, about 35 minutes, but it's a good chance to get some reading done anyway.

Well, I won't get the gmail problem resolved today. Dad, my first priority is to get my two story edits in and t hen I will tackle the web site updates, hopefully this weekend. I think besides the internal blueprints, we definitely need the artist's rendition of the outside of hte building. That's what people will see when they drive by, and that's what they want to know about.


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