Thursday, September 07, 2006

Last Night's Party

Last night my dear friend Will had a party to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his insanely popular and oh-so-addictive sports blog, Deadspin.

There was an open bar. A good 72% of my friends were there. Will had even promised me a veritable buffet of straight, brainy men. Of course, I didn't believe him -- a room full of straight, smart dudes who don't make your eyeballs twitch violently is something I believed existed only as a mirage exists in the desert . You think you see it off in the distance, but once you get up close, it shimmers away. Take a close look and they're ALWAYS gay, dumb as a box of hammers or the kind of dudes who wouldn't know how to do simple electrical wiring or drive a car with automatic transmission. Unacceptable.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived to find an excellent boy-girl ratio and not one but MANY hot manly types. Will doesn't lie.

And that's why I look so happy.


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