Monday, June 25, 2007

Hey Mami

I can't say *enjoyed* this story in the Washington City Paper about street harassment, as I found it awfully disheartening. I did find it somewhat validating, though, since men who don't catcall have a hard time believing that it does happen, all the time, and creates a large amount of distress for those women who don't appreciate it (which I have to assume is the vast majority).

The comments are pretty excellent too, especially regarding the vexing "smile" issue that has driven me nearly to the brink of insanity during my years in New York:

"...and the "SMILE!!!" thing??? Drives me fucking crazy. I get told to smile multiple times in a week. Guess what? I can smile when I feel like smiling. I am capable of manipulating the muscles in my mouth to produce a facial expression representing joy. I don't need your assistance on the street. You are not making my day when you tell me to smile. You are just another man who thinks he can control my emotions on command."

Well put, sister.


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