Wednesday, March 07, 2007

IM Conversation of the Day

Tonight I'm meeting up with friends to go to another group of friend's readings on the Lower East Side. These nights often prove to be beer-soaked revelries, typically ending in unnecessary and highly unadvisable tequila shots, double Scotches, 3 a.m. consumption of sketchy Chinese eggrolls (with a side of sauteed cat) and blurry cab rides home. I IM'd one of my friends, who has a four-year-old kid, to see what time we were meeting up.

Me: Hey, what time are we meeting tonight. 7?
Friend: Yeah. Sorry, was in the meeting of death. I'm gonna shoot up now.
Me: I felt like that on Monday. I actually thought, "I wonder what heroin feels like. I bet it would be AWESOME right now." Maybe we can score you some tonight on the LES. I'm sure your wife wouldn't mind.
Friend: Getting the kid to school tmow will suck enough. I love being the parent who smells like a hobo.

My friends are so awesome.


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