Friday, June 23, 2006

My Last Night in Brooklyn

(for awhile, anyway) was so fun that I KNOW I'm going to cry out "What the HELL was I thinking??!" today as I inch my car into the tunnel, onward through Jersey, and toward Colorado for the next five weeks. Seriously folks, you made my night. Thanks for coming out for a trough full of booze at Abilene to send me off! You'll be happy to know that 1) since I didn't make you sign a disclosure agreement and 2) since we were all sweaty and had the propensity to close our eyes from all the booze by the point the camera came out last night that this picture of me and the roommates is the only one I'll be posting. I'll send some by email though so we can have a laugh.

See you in August! Look for my next post to be about either a rest stop in Kansas.


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