Wednesday, June 21, 2006

iPod Protection

On the streets of New York, iPods serve not just as a conveyor of your favorite tunes but also as audio protection from all the other nut jobs who might decide to talk to you. Every time I put mine I relish the thought that anyone who wants to comment on the juiciness of my ever-widening ass will have to do so without me hearing them, and I can go blissfully unaware through the rest of my day.

But today I was thinking that homeless people must REALLY hate the invasion of iPods. I mean, if I didn't have anywhere to live I'd be a little pissed off that someone was walking around with something stuck in their ears that potentially cost enough to cover one month's rent. And I wonder what it's doing to their weekly take? New Yorkers are always more immune to pleas for change than the easily-guilted tourists, and with the addition of earbuds, we can now pretend like we don't even HEAR their stories about how their dog needs a tail transplant STAT or how we must help because their house burned down last week. (Note to lady on the F train whose house burned down last week: you've been telling the same story for a year, might want to change it up a little).

Just a random thought of the day.


Anonymous Todd said...

Nice story with the house burning down. Gotta love panhandler creativity. North of Malibu on PCH there's a van parked at the side of the road with a couple of well worn travelers pleading for gas money. They've been doing that in the same spot for years.

3:52 PM  

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