Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So I'm planning a wedding

So I'm planning a wedding in New York. On a (by local standards) limited budget. And trying to make it nice, for all my out of town guests, retired farmers and such, who might not appreciate a keg and doughnuts party in the park followed by a viewing of Fuerzabruta, or some such thing that always pops up in conversations when people suggest alternatives for saving money on the reception that will will save you tons of money, allowing for a future down payment of six million dollars for a studio apartment in Bed-Stuy.

Nope, we're doing the church, the organ, the pastor, the cocktail reception and private club (seriously, on a limited budget. I swear). That's why I'll be trying to save money on other areas, like flowers, and plan to carry a head of broccoli down the aisle.

As a result, I've been reading some wedding blogs, mostly to try to figure out how to force vendors to give me what I want for half the cost of what they normally do. Which, by the way, doesn't work.

(Sample coversation:
Me: Here's what I want. And my budget is [20% less than what it really is].
Vendor: You want that for HOW MUCH? The LEAST we can do it for is [40% over ACTUAL budget])

My key initiatives while planning the wedding are to stay as sane as possible and do as little as possible, lest I turn into bridezilla and go completely gray by my wedding day and scare away the fiance.

ANYWAY, I am a big fan of weddingbee.com, a helpful place to get advice and inspiration. But I"ll admit there are days I feel a bit alienated on the message boards. Because sometimes, it's populated by folks like this:


Blogger Sarah said...

Word. There are so many overgrown 5-year old brides out there who are so giddy about finally getting to wear their princess dresses. The fiance is just a distant Ken doll who (I'm sure) is somewhere tolerating the whole business by doing who knows what.

2:25 PM  

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