Monday, October 02, 2006


Inappropriate thoughts that rocket through your brain when Your Ex sees you at your gym, which he just re-joined, and comes over to catch up as you're standing sweating over an eliptical machine:

"Even though I haven't seen you in two years, I still have vivid dreams about you."
"Wow, it's so surreal to see you with a wedding ring on."
"I'm always glad I don't run into you and your wife in the neighborhood, because up until recently, that would have made me lose my shit."
"I made the right decision not marrying you, but it was the hardest thing I ever did."
"I suffered from depression for more than a year after we broke up. I did stupid reckless things because of it. I'm trying to change."
"I'm glad you found someone else who seems better suited for you; I know you'll be a great husband."
"Thank you so much for loving me, even though I still think you never really understood me."
"It was partly my fault you didn't understand me; I hid from you, and I lied."
"I've never stopped feeling guilty over how I treated you at the end."
"I did heartless things, I was selfish, and what I was capable of still horrifies me."
"I haven't been in a serious relationship since we broke up. I just haven't had the strength. Or found someone I wanted to risk all that pain on, at least."
"Sometimes I think that what happened between us broke something inside of me that won't ever be the same again."
"Even though I don't want you back, I still somehow wish I hadn't looked so bedraggled when you saw me."
"I'm still so sorry."
"I'm so glad you're happy now."

What you actually say:
"So, how's that kitchen remodeling going?"


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